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Luna Rossa Moon & Menstrual Cycles Art Journal And Self dated agenda in NOW on pre-orders crowdfunding campaign here. 

Please join & share the campaign to make this English edition possible. 

Luna Rossa: Sacred Blood, Cycles Wisdom Online Event highlighted the themes included in the publication. Dialogues, resources and practices are accesible through for free registration Here. 

Join the dialogue & a growing grassroots international movement on menstrual cycle awareness. 

Women from around the world & from the epicenter of the greatest old civilization of the Goddess (today’s Romania & Ukraine territories) collaborate to birth a publication to support the embodiment of feminine wisdom and peace with our own nature.

Luna Rossa is peace a manifesto starting with our bodies. 

It challenges the predominant war thinking in the world, bringing inspiration from a great civilization that did not have weapons. 

It offers a resource for women to practice connection to their own true cyclical nature and make peace with their own nature. 


The playground is open. Co-creation is the name of  the game. 

What are the infinite possibilities for our consciously creating peace? 

Luna Rossa is my Moon related apprentice work, linking women and girls to the cycles of nature and the Moon.Tools for pratice and inspiration for transforming shadows and the collective pain body we have inherited. Turning bloodshed into a spiritual practice withdrawn from actual battle fields. Menstrual cycle awareness is an entry point for peace work that spills out from inside.

My Sun side writes stories meant to awaken children, families, creators up to the role of reimagining the world. Peace and harmony building practices from the ground up, from the garden to the plate and in all our relationships.

As a spy of the Sun and Moon’s love story, my creations  bring instruments to practice peacemaking inside out and aligning to the rhythms of nature outside in. 


Imagine Creatively, reconciling the Sun and the Moon – inside and out. On a daily basis. 

There is no shortcut but practice.


Once upon a time never existed but is always true…

  brings you bedtime stories for children and waking up stories for parents and their playful selves. Stories that enchant, delight and educate. 

Find practical inspiration for a life in harmony with oneself, others and earth.

Enter the stories to find opportunities to be creative together about daily practices, from whole nutrition to sustainable gardening, to connecting and solving conflicts in the family.

Join a story realm of play with peace meanings and healthy practices. What would happen if more of us approached life as divine play?

Welcome to the Big Cosmic Game!         

True stories edibility ratings:

***** Incr-Edibly medicinal for conscious parents seeking creativity, inspiration and community

**** Healthy nutrition for those who want effective tools to hold together relationships through difficult times to thriving again

*** Handy Ready Made Meal gifted in a busy week day: “Interesting new tastes! Not similar to anything tried though it tastes good. Could give it another try or outlook! “

** Unexpected Yummy Snack for parents who are too busy to invent their own goodies.

* Not poisonous for others who may find nothing but  a decent snack to fill an empty stomach once. 


Warranty: Customer satisfaction guaranteed if story medicine is consistently taken in. If allowed, it may transform outlook on previously taken for granted things. There are treasures to be discovered that require slow love flow. Hurry at your own risk!

Disclaimer: Once touched by a story, you may never be the same again. You are the only one responsible though. Still, gratitude our way is well received.