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Imagine Creatively

Stepping into a story realm

Beyond bedtimes stories for children, the stories here are waking up signals for parents and their playful selves. Waking up first to the potential of play and seeing life as a game that unfolds every single day. Reading a story can open doors of perception for both parent and child. Doors to healing. Doors to joy.

The reflection questions and invitations, the family practices in the stories are opportunities for parents and children to play the game of life together. Ponder, get inspired and reconsider or upgrade different home practices.

Once you have taken the road to consciousness and start making connections, many pieces of the puzzle fall into place. You become concerned about food on the table, upbringing,  quality time together, emotional intelligence,electronic gadgets or even toiletries - as all of these things feed the whole being. It is not an easy road to walk, particularly by oneself or one’s family. This is where community steps in. Raising children with integral education and life principles could be a more of a joy to share instead of an uphill struggle.

Where do you want to start?

 True stories edibility ratings:

***** Incr-Edibly medicinal for conscious parents seeking creativity, inspiration and community

**** Healthy nutrition for those who want effective tools to hold together relationships through difficult times to thriving again

*** Handy Ready Made Meal gifted in a busy week day: “Interesting new tastes! Not similar to anything tried though it tastes good. Could give it another try or outlook! “

** Unexpected Yummy Road Snack for parents who are too busy to invent their own goodies.

* Not poisonous for others who may  find just a good meal to fill an empty stomach once.