The Ho’oponopono Magic

Forthcoming 2018

Illustrated story book for children ages 4-10

Do you have relationships that are sometimes tense and disconnected? Discover one simple practice that dissolves tensions while adding to continuous harmony. Find out the four most important words in any relationship!

Two elves are traveling up to the Sun and Moon castle to retrieve the light and colours that had been missing on Earth. Finding the Sun and the Moon upset with each other, the elves gift them a magic formula, ho’oponopono, to restore their relationship back to peace and harmony.

Parents and children can benefit from practicing ho’oponopono for emotional connection, healing and forgiveness. The story takes peacebuilding to family level.

Through the names of elves and the interactive pages, the story invites into the world of crystals and their benefits. The illustrations invite to play with natural materials and in nature.

A free song comes with the story.