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Pick Me2! – Imagine Creatively

Storybooks as tools for social and environmental sustainability.

Find inspiration for practice in family and community.

See how to:

  • Turn gardening into playground and multi-purpose sustainable design.
  • Find our the magic formula to repair any relationships.
  • Solve conflicts creatively while celebrating diversity.
  • Turn food into art play through kitchen alchemy, the healthy way.
  • Water seeds of joy both in the heart and the garden.
  • Spend quality time together practicing appreciation as a family.

The stories  get head, heart and hands involved - a model for transformative learning from sustainable education.

Mirabelle's Forest Garden: Manifesting Earth Friendly Dreams

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A needed addition to elementary permaculture and sustainable gardening education. The story interweaves educational activities and questions with community building, plant knowledge and engaging artwork. Mirabelle’s journey engages the reader in a joyful multi-purpose vision of a forest garden that needs companions for work and play.

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Anagrania's Challenge: Turning Conflict into Opportunity

 A coming-of-age story that transforms a common children’s story theme into a lesson on self-love, creative conflict resolution, and wholesome eating. Through the allegory of the wheat grain’s journey, the story makes a case for whole grain nutrition. Anagrania’s Challenge:* exposes unhealthy gender stereotypes and beauty standards,* promotes peaceful conflict resolution, and * celebrates diversity and uniqueness.

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Queen Rain, King Wind: The Practice of Heart Gardening

May, 2018

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A story about watering the seeds of happiness in any relationship through appreciation. It is a source of inspiration to exercise daily the role of “heart gardener”, cultivating harmonious relationships. Guidance, practical examples and joy journal are included for family practice of appreciation rituals.

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Heart Bridge: The Ho'oponopono Magic

Forthcoming fall 2018

Do you have relationships that are sometimes tense and disconnected? Discover one  simple practice that dissolves tensions while adding to continuous harmony. Find out the four most important words in any relationship! It seems too simple but it is.

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