Stories to appreciate, be touched by and practice

The stories aim to get head, heart and hands involved – a model for transformative learning from sustainable education. The model suggests that people are much more likely to integrate an educational message and take meaningful action for change when they are both challenged intellectually and touched emotionally.

Find inspiration to be creative about daily practices, from whole nutrition to sustainable gardening, to connecting and solving conflicts in the family.

  • Turn gardening into a multipurpose playground and sustainable design.
  • Learn how to design and plant food growing systems beneficial for both people and the planet.
  • Learn about plants and perennial gardens.

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  • Learn about the importance of whole grain nutrition in a fun way.
  • Solve conflicts creatively while celebrating diversity.
  • Turn food into art play through kitchen alchemy, the healthy way.

Check out Anagrania’s Challenge here.

  • Find out the four most important words in any relationship.
  • Practice a magic formula to repair any misunderstanding.

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  • Spend quality time together practicing appreciation as a family.
  • Learn about bees and their role in the eco-system.
  • Befriend crystals and learn about their uses and benefits.

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