Mirabelle’s Forest Garden

Illustrated Children’s Book Ages 4-10

Do you want to make sustainable gardening fun to engage with and learn?

Bring children and community together with the power of sustainable gardening!

Envision a place with the benefits of garden and forest, playground and outdoor school, leisure and work ground in one!

A little girl is walking through her (global) village collecting seeds, support and advice for a forest garden project that not all of her community understands. As the story progresses – with Mirabelle meeting different characters whom she asks for support – readers are taken on a symbolic tour weaving the magic of a forest garden dream.

Proposing a both/and reality that subtly defies either/or thinking as well as nutritional and gender stereotypes, Mirabelle’s journey engages the reader in a joyful multi-purpose vision of a forest garden which needs companions for work and play.

Join the vision quest to see what’s in it for you!

There’s room for all to play in this new gardening game!