The first moon related cycles journal for womben to publish in English is Luna Rossa, a peace manifesto starting within our cyclical bodies aligned to nature. 

Stay tuned for September 2023 when the pre-order crowdfunding campaign will launch.

This English edition needs a midwifery miracle from a global sisterhood to birth into the world. 

It is open to collaboration for international practicioners, artists & pioneers in the field of conscious menstruation, women’s health and fertility, feminine spirituality and intentional living aligned to nature to contribute one feminine practice out of 13 monthly cycles available in the journal.

Agents of the Goddess wanted to co-author one feminine practice (2 more spots available).

Many sisters and supporters invited to share the message with their communities that this project is out, so that our pre-orders crowdfunding campaign is a success and Luna Rossa will be out at your door beginning of 2024.

Will you be one?

Luna Rossa is a cycles journal for honouring and mapping the menstrual cycle as part of a larger nature rhythm. 

It is a peace offering starting within our bodies and with nature. An instrument to practice self awareness, self love and connection to the rhythms of nature and the larger the web of life.

The art brings back original mandalas and inspired art from the oldest documented civilization of the Goddess, the Cucuteni Trypolie culture, stretching from 5200 to 2700 BC over today’s territories of Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.
 This 7000 years old amazing civilization has lessons for us today to unearth and re-embody. They had cultural exchanges over a vast territory, created superb art honouring women as vessels for the divine and the partnership between women and men as well as with nature.

A great cilization with no presence of weapons

Such partnership oriented culture can be a source of creative imagination for what the world can look like with each of our contribution to and support of real peace, starting within.

Luna Rossa is peace a manifesto challenging the predominant war thinking in the world. A resource for womben to practice connection to their own true cyclical nature and the value of peace to be brought without from within.

From ancestral teachings preserved by a few indigenous peoples to this day, Luna Rossa brings a positive view of menstruation as part of female nature and spirituality. There is a native American prophecy saying that when women will offer their blood back to Earth the blood shed in wars will stop. This metaphor of  blood shed unites the inner and outer worlds. It turns women into spirit warriors. It engages us to be aware of our role as bearers of seeds of light that give birth to life and are responsible to protect it. 

As art journal and moon agenda, Luna Rossa brings the lunar calendar center stage and your own cycle as embodied monthly calendar. 

Luna Rossa is a 4 in 1 gift for connecting to your womb and the moon:

art journal on women’s cycles
self dated moon agenda
colouring mandalas book

feminine practice notebook

It includes:

* Square format 25/25 cm to accommodate monthly moon dials and mandalas for drawing with 90g paper for art drawing. 240 pages coloured in total. 

* 50 + pages of information and themes for reflection on feminine health, cyclical nutrition needs, healing plants, ancestry work, sisterhood, partnership & awareness about the influence of Moon phases. 

* Original designs and art inspired by the partnership oriented old civilization of the Goddess, the Cucuteni Trypolie cultural complex, Eastern Europe (5200 to 2700 BC).

* Space to draw on top of 13 mandala like designs and vessels reproduced from original designs from the ceramic art of the Cucuteni- Trypolie culture.

* Themes for reflection on life in a woman’s body. The compass that guides you is within you. Feel free to skip pages and questions, come back later and add your own questions and reflections.

* Monthly feminine practices for integration into a healthy life in a woman’s body – physical, emotional, spiritual. You have inspiration and breathing space to harmonize emotion with reason in the body. 

Repeat the proposed practices and exercises for at least 7-21 days in a row.
* A framework to work with the New Moon and Full Moon aspects in every monthly cycle

* Cyclic journal to track your cycle and experiences and to get to know yourself better, observe and note your cyclical patterns over 13 cycles. You can start in any month of the year. Consistency is very important! After at least 3-6 months you will notice your patterns and be able to anticipate challenges and take better care of yourself.


Luna Rossa is a Seeds of Peace project share with the world. 

You can support the birth of this art project for a 2024 English Edition by joining the pre-orders crowdfunding campaign planned for September 2023. 

Please share the word with sisters, friends, colleagues, red tent initiatives, women’s circles. The month of Virgo will bring the opportunity for this spiritual pregnancy to become viable. Every copy reserved by you, resonating with this, counts! In order to go ahead with the publishing we will need a minimim of 600 orders out of 1000 minimum high quality print.

Next in line is Granddaugthers of the Moon – a story in the making to help children transition from the magic of childhood into the creativity potential of adulthood, understanding the partnership between the sexes for the continuation of life and our responsibility as stewards of Earth, our Mama, our home.