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Home to Gaia – Imagine Creatively
A Journey to Peaceful Sleep (Rainbow Elves/ Peace Education Series, Book 2)

Illustrated children's book 3 to 9. Includes dream journal and dream work practice.

An illustrated bedtime story about finding peace and love inside to share it outside.

Launched on International Peace Day, September 21st, 2018. Available in e-book, paperback & hardcover. 


Available for sale internationally

“I don't want to sleep alone! Why do I have to go to sleep? Why is there night at all?” Do you need a better reason to entice children to go to sleep and sleep well, finding peace inside?

Home to Gaia links inner and outer peace, helping children connect to and create their own inner security system. It also connects them to everyone they love and all the children of the earth.  A guided relaxation story that takes children inwards to feel and thank their bodies and to relax secured in knowing they are deeply loved. It  helps children feel excited about going to sleep in order to reconnect to love and receive messages from the world of dreams.

Follow the yellow elf as he takes in the light of the sun down into the earth, guiding children on a journey toward the center of the earth to Gaia’s heart. There they find their true home, meeting all the other hearts that come to nourish themselves. Children learn along with the elves how to weave day and night, relaxation and play, recharging with love and catching dreams to bring back during the day. The story gives useful relaxation techniques to practice, instruments to integrate emotions, balance brain hemispheres and share dreams. The interactive pages extend an invitation to keep a dream journal.

Editorial reviews:

"Beautiful story, preparing young (even older) people to explore their night with delight! Well done!";

"A beautiful step toward a New Paradigm of 'Brotherhood & Sisterhood' throughout the world." Gilbert Renaud PhD, Consultant in Recall Healing/Total Biology and Biological Deprogramming, Canada, www.recallhealing.com

“Presented with fun and imaginative illustrations a child will be completely engaged in the Gaia’s special world from the beginning to the end. A book designed with intention to make bedtime and sleep time into a beautiful journey of discovery and exploration rooted in deep values of love, compassion and peace - both within ourselves and the world around us. (…) This children’s book will hearten, educate and inspire you. Ultimately it will add value to the mosaic of peace journeys of our precious world. I recommend this for children, parents, teachers and all those who need a little bit of encouragement to imagine and dream about the world in a more creative and peaceful way.” Brajna Greenhalgh, Researcher & Associate,Transnational Foundation for Peace TFF, https://transnational.live

"Ina clearly has great compassion for children and nature. Imagine a world where everyone shared that passion!” Deborah Salazar Shapiro, MSW, Therapist, mindfulness teacher, author of The Magical Mindful Day

"A delightful child's tale that doubles as a profound meditation. On the surface, Ina Curic's Home to Gaia is a whimsical tale about a group of elves descending into the depths of the Earth to be embraced by the all-loving Mother Gaia. But there is something else going on here as well. The text is also an ingenious guided meditation that teaches young readers about relaxation and inner peace. This is a beautiful introduction that can yield life-long benefits. I highly recommend this wondrous story. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. From one author to another, I bow to your talent." Burt Kempner, Writer-Producer, Children’s Book Author

"A unique book with heart and imagination. This is a book which lays down the foundations for a lifelong healthy relationship with sleepfulness and wakefulness, and focuses directly on the most beautiful and important things that children can learn: to feel loved, safe and free to dream." Sarah Howard, Creativity Guide, Author, www.beingajourney.com

"Simply a beautiful book in a very clear Waldorf Education art style. It’s a charming fairy tale where the Yellow Elf guides little ones – and not so little ones – to the heart of the earth where they are embraced by Mother Gaia in love and sweet dreams. Blended with that story, however, is a guided meditation to help children make the transition from busy playtime to a deep, restful sleep. I look forward to seeing more of Ina’s work. " Becca Price, Children's Book Author, www.wyrmtalespress.com

"This story and ritual came in our life when we needed it most. Having two different kids (in age, gender and vitality) can, often, turn your bedtime into “wartime”. Months later, the kids are happy to go to Gaia at night, describing “Home to Gaia” as “a story we always love to hear, because we feel it takes us in an adventure”. We enjoy the story, while adapting the ritual to the particular needs of the day. Sometimes we recall nice events of the day and thank our body for facilitating them; other times we tell Gaia about powerful and painful emotions that emptied our cup of love that needs refill. We are grateful to have discovered Ina’s stories, as they plant meaningful seeds in our children’s beautiful hearts". Carmen Crăciun, Economist, Mother of two, story tester.