This is an invitation to join a gathering in the heart with sisters that recognize each other as such!

To sit in circle as our ancestors did and reawaken their knowledge and power in us. 

From the heart of the oldest great civilization of the Godess in old Europe, with Luna Rossa in the storytelling bag, we are looking for sisters, heart midwives, resonating wombs and hearts that have a yearning for:

*  awakening to the wisdom of our bodies

* reweaving the cloth of love on Earth 

* unity and solidarity of women coming together

We are coming together to join circles of women in Europe and internationally.

We are open to learn from each others’ gifts and contexts to continue contributing to the culture of women’s circles and gatherings growing now worldwide. 

Four women from different European countries with decades of experience working with women and on integral living themes come to share gifts in the circle we can all practice together.

You are in for a treat! 

Hilde Goris,  Woman Warriorship Guide, Belgium

Joyce Nassar, Spiritual Guide & Shamanistic Ancient SoundhealingGermany

Nele SuisaluCreative Embodiment Guide, Estonia

Ina Curic, Heart Midwife, Storyteller, Romania

 Luna Rossa offers a pretext and context for our search for more sisters. 

This Goddess hommage – brought out in moon agenda and menstrual cycle with contributions from more than 15 women specialists in Romania – is a treasure for feminine practice we would like to share it with the world as a peace manifesto that it is, starting with our own bodies.

We look forward to sitting on circle together, anticipating on the energy of the next Full Moon, 

Friday, November 24th, 19.00- 21.00 hrs CET time

Bring a cup of tea, a journal to write on, your open heart and the singing voice!

Discover Luna Rossa as a Goddess treasure 
–  too precious to keep secret –
 Join us as we’re looking for more resonating sisters to share feminine embodied wisdom!

Check out Luna Rossa digital selection campaign too.

 It will be available by end of December for a 2024 year of feminine wisdom embodiment and practice.