-The Practice of Heart Gardening- (Rainbow Elves/ Peace Education Series, Book 1)

Illustrated children’s book, ages 3 to 10. Includes guidance for family practice of appreciation rituals.

The story included extensive feedback and testing from perspectives of peace work, Waldorf education,  nonviolent  communication, family therapy, Buddhist practice, and beekeeping.

Published May, 2018. You can get it here. 


What is the cost of emotional disconnection from dear ones? Do you want to enhance sharing and dissolve tensions in your family before they widen? Learn one simple practice to take care of important relationships daily!

Two elves visit Queen Rain and King Wind. They convince them to disperse the clouds and dry the tears in their relationship that are falling continuously and endangering the life of bees on Earth.

A story about watering the seeds of joy in any relationship through appreciation. It is a source of inspiration to provide daily exercise for the role of “heart gardener.” Guidance and practical examples are included for family practice of appreciation rituals. Peacebuilding is taken to the family level where the emotional journey starts for everyone. Add this to your bedtime ritual for increasing harmony and quality time together.

Through the names of elves and the interactive pages, the story includes an introduction into the world of crystals and their benefits. The felt and wool illustrations invite families to play with natural materials.

Listen to this story’s appreciation song:

Editorial Reviews:

Full of lessons for all of us, young and old. The book comes complete with a game to help us all through a journey of appreciation. A very useful and well-presented book.” 5-star review, Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Reader’s Favorite. Read full review here.

 “(…) an excellent tool for parents, teachers and children”. Trudy Brand Jacobsen, Guidance Counsellor, former Principal, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

“Queen Rain, King Wind is a beautifully written book, full of gems of information and insight. It attractively engages children to learn about the mysteries of love, and the vital law of unity that makes life, joy, and goodness possible. A must read for children and their parents and all those who love the mysteries of life”.  Dr. H.B. Danesh, Founder and President, International Education for Peace Institute, www.efpinternational.org

“What a beautiful story of friends collaborating through challenges, in support and love for all beings.  It points to simple ways we can recover from reactivity and come together to hear each other’s hearts. I love the Heart Gardening. For many years I have seen this type of ritual be transformative in creating more happiness and connection for all.  What a gift for our children and everyone!”  Jori Manske, Nonviolent Communication for the Next Generation (NVCnextgen), CNVC Certified Trainer, www.radicalcompassion.com

 “Queen Rain, King Wind” helps lay a foundation of peace for other peace efforts.The story of a family impasse is outstanding and something almost everyone can relate to. So many families have arguments that turn love to shadows and then shadows to petrified souls, with no one really remembering what caused the calamity in the first place.(…) The use of “appreciation” in the story and the teaching guides are of great importance. The story gives power to the crystals without promoting doctrine, develops problem solving methods without dogma and touches the heart with a gentle shower of compassion.” Jerry Piasecki, Humanitarian Author & Founder of the original UN Global Peace School Programme

“A beautiful story. I love how you connect this to information about conflict, appreciation, and crystals.” Diane Ross, Professor of Education, Otterbein University, Ohio; Executive Director, Forum for Youth Advocacy (FOYA) Uganda 

“In all of her work, Ina has a gift for using story to examine the many aspects of holistic peacebuilding.  Her children’s books allow the reader to learn, practice, and explore – all at the same time.” Kristin Famula, President, National Peace Academy, US, 


“Lovely story full of wisdom in a language and format easy to understand. Illustrations are beautiful and original. My children loved it and as a family we applied the proposed appreciation activity into practice. 100% recommended“. Celina del Felice, Peace & Conflict Specialist, Founder & Coordinator of Humble Bees, www.humblebees.org

“I love this story which allows me to share my personal life-changing experience of practising gratitude with my daughter in a playful way. Hopefully, this story will help many adults and children to be happier in their life by expressing their appreciation of their loved ones in a concrete way and by starting to appreciate small things with people they struggle with.” Brigitt Altwegg, Peace & Conflict Specialist, Switzerland