Illustrated storybook for children ages 3-10

August 2018

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Do you have a hard time convincing your children of the benefits of whole foods?Are there power struggles and arguments going back and forth in your family?

Ask for help from a Golden Grain Princess in this coming-of-age story!

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Try creative conflict resolution with a princess who has the courage to express herself!

The Golden Grain Princess reaches the age when a princess who is heir to the throne should receive “proper” schooling. The kingdom councillors have her undergo many stressful fashion trials, which eventually cause the princess to rise up against the impositions and find an out-of-the-box solution. The creative solution for the conflict engages all parties in a Golden Grain Festival that celebrates diversity and uniqueness.

Through the allegory of the wheat grain’s journey, the story makes a case for whole grain nutrition by:

* exposing unhealthy gender stereotypes and beauty standards,

* promoting peaceful conflict resolution,

* celebrating diversity and uniqueness.

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