Turning Conflict into Opportunity (Whole Grain Nutrition)

Illustrated storybook ages 3-10 

August 2018

Books Awards: Winner of Honorable Mention,   International Writers Award 2019

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Listen to Anagrania’s celebrating song:

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Are there power struggles and arguments going back and forth in your family? Do you have a hard time convincing your children of the benefits of whole foods?

Ask for help from a Golden Grain Princess in this coming-of-age story! Try creative conflict resolution with a princess who has the courage to express herself!

Anagrania reaches the age when a princess who is heir to the throne should receive “proper” schooling. The kingdom councillors have her undergo many stressful fashion trials, which eventually cause the princess to rise up against the impositions and find an out-of-the-box solution. The creative solution for the conflict engages all parties in a Golden Grain Festival that celebrates diversity and uniqueness.

Through the allegory of the wheat grain’s journey, the story makes a case for whole grain nutrition by:

* exposing unhealthy gender stereotypes and beauty standards,

* promoting peaceful conflict resolution,

* celebrating diversity and uniqueness.


Editorial Reviews 

“Anagrania’s Challenge, addresses very real challenges in today’s world and presents these challenges in a delightful book that will both charm and educate the young reader. The story discusses gender stereotyping and unhealthy beauty standards in a way that young readers can understand. The author presents viable and understandable solutions for Anagrania, solutions that young readers can use or adapt in their own lives, solutions that peacefully resolve conflicts. And, most important, this story celebrates diversity and the importance of being oneself, because no matter what we are, what we look like, we are all beautiful. This little story is packed full of valuable lessons for both young and old. Brilliant.” Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Reader’s Favorite

“Anagrania’s Challenge transforms a common children’s story theme into a lesson on self-love, creative conflict resolution, and wholesome eating.  Through the voice of an empowered heroine, readers of all ages are encouraged to honor their uniqueness and trust their instinct – all while using a challenging situation to create new positive solutions that work for everyone.”  Kristin Famula, President, US National Peace Academy

Listen to her song

“A truly fabulous and fun book for anyone who wants to teach their children about the true values of love, compassion and peace. I particularly like the creativity on choosing the names and educating us on grain names. If we remember the characters we shall also remember something factual and important. How brilliant! (…) The songs go along very well to accompany the theme of her books. They are very funny, funky and upbeat but with a serious message at the same time.” Brajna Greenhalgh, Researcher & Associate, Transnational Foundation for Peace TFF, https://transnational.live

“Anagrania’s Challenge’ is a beautifully created story that offers clear and simple guidance on three subjects vital to our shared future on Earth: what we need to be ourselves, what we need to be healthy, and that acceptance of uniqueness and creatively dealing with conflict are essential if we are to live together and celebrate the benefits and advantages of our differences. Let us hope that Ina’s and Varga’s book inspires adults to learn what we might, in a better world, teach our children by example. In the meantime, perhaps their book will teach children so that they can teach us!” Robert J. Burrowes, Co-founder, The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World


 As chef and recipe creator I always aim to put together ingredients that are nutritious, an instinct that was formed in my childhood. Anagrania’s story can instill in children a strong belief that old variety foods, natural and organic, are richer in vitamins and minerals. This is important to guide their nutritional choices in adulthood. I hope the effect of this story will include children’s insistence for parents to look for old grain varieties, einkorn, kamut and spelt, and find recipes to prepare them. Thus, any meal can become a fairytale”. Teodora Czentye, Raw-Vegan Chef & Nutrition Educator

 “The “grain” analogy used in this story simply and beautifully captures important concepts that are lacking in our world today, namely, appreciating individual diversity and uniqueness, understanding and use of diversity in food choices to enhance our nutrition, and how to peacefully resolve conflicts in diverse populations.” Mary Sebert, International Program Nurse Manager, MGH Global Health, Boston

 With its metaphors, the story is both simple and complex at once. The three themes of gendered body image stereotypes, creative conflict resolution and whole grain nutrition are weaved together with wonderful writing craft. Such good children’s books are so important for our future!”  Brigitt Altwegg, Peace & Conflict Specialist, Switzerland

“Great story with two strong messages: one about modern nutrition, how we forgot about the old, healthy grains and embraced the refined ones just because they are easier to cook although less nourishing. The second message brings a very good lesson: “Be yourself! Fit out if needed!” We can easily identify ourselves with Anagrania at some point in our life when we were more into pleasing others. She becomes unhappy, unable to recognize herself but has the guts to take a stand. By this she is transforming not only herself but everyone around her. Cristina Roman, Health Coach and mother of three

“A great story, a wholesome affair.  The author weaves profound themes through the life of a young princess. Anagrania’s response to the stereotype impositions on her life takes the form of a protest backed by a brilliant, progressive proposal. As an African mother, I embrace the story because Anagrania represents so well the struggles of the African girl-child who, beset with fast changing trends, must find self acceptance. For Anagrania, it begins with self awareness. This story gives us the opportunity to explore the uniqueness and richness of our beauty in diversity. I am sure the little girls in Africa would be captivated by Anagrania, the champion.”   Alexandra Kukunda, Director of Plus Two High School Uganda