I’m both a Dragon Tamer and a Fire Spitting Dragon myself, knowing there is magic for hurt people that hurt others and the planet.

I’ve done  extensive education related work in the past twenty years, mainstreaming cross-cutting issues in development, facilitating training and group processes with teenagers and adults in different  peacebuilding and post war contexts.

To realise, in a mother’s role, that emotional intelligence and peace education in the widest sense need to start in kindergarten. Art and playfulness would work wonders when mainstreamed. As a mother of two young girls and also an outdoor education pedagogue, I practice integral education, leveraging my work expertise in the gender & peacebuilding field to work with both children and parents. Storytelling is one of the transformative methodologies I use. There is a language of the soul that unites more than speaking the same foreign tongue.

I plant seeds for peace through storytelling, to nurture and grow connections, to remember our common humanity and enjoy the beauty of all experiences.

I want to live in a world where:

* every child is told stories about war in past tense;

every teenager realizes that slaying enemies is an inside job;

* and every adult leaves behind fighting –both in flesh and metaphor- to step into emotional maturity and recognition of everyone’s full humanity.

These stories come from passing peacework through a mother’s heart. Grown ups have largely forgotten how to play in a way that is enjoyable for all. Children can be our daily reminders and opportunity to practice.

What story do you contribute to the world? 

What gifts can you share to this big game that’s on?

Imagine Creatively
multiples roles to
to enter the truth.
What about you?

 And the stories continue… Childern grow up and shape the world in their turn with the heritage they receive from us. 

How do we link up the most beautiful visions of life on earth we want for them and share in childhood with the belief that everything is possible, that we are co-creators of the most beautiful possible reality?

As my girls are growing into young women and my work with women expanded I went to the Moon and back to catch the Red Thread, to weave the magic of childhood with the initiation into womanhood that is necessary to bring back in our modern cultures. I feel a sacred duty to support their blossoming as women in their full gentle and loving power, their entering into harmonious partnerships backed up by embodied wisdom.

Hence the Moon & You section here for womben, cultural change agents to leave another heritage to our children, one of pain transformed, of red turned green. 

Just Imagine.


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Red Circle: Girls Initiation by Kathrin Weident Photography