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Mirabelle’s Forest Garden (Sustainable Gardening)

Check out the seed raffle for the first 100 paper back copies that reach children! Also the free posters to inspire your forest garden dream manifestation are available here

Seed Raffle

We’re happy to welcome forest garden dreamers into Mirabelle’s Club!

Wild and organically cultivated seeds from our small forest garden experiment will be sent anywhere in the world to 10 out of the first 100 that get the paper back copy in the hands of children. 

Edible, medicinal and less common perennial plants:

  1. Skirret (Sium Sisarum) – rare root vegetable
  2. Marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis) – ornamental and edible
  3. Marigold (Calendula Officinalis) – edible and medicinal
  4. Plantain (Plantago Officinalis) – edible and medicinal
  5. Red-leaf Orach – Atriplex hortensis rubra – edible young shoots and leaves
  6. Salad burnet -Sanguisorba minor – evergreen Perennial
  7. Bladder cherry/ Chinese LanternsPhysalisalkekengi – edible and medicinal
  8. Caucasian spinach, Hablitzia tamnoides (Swedish variety)– a rare climber vegetable
  9. Wild TomatoLycopersicon humboldtii – robust annual plant to 2m (7ft) tall, tasty cherry sized red fruits
  10. Mirabelle wild plums – Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca (3 varieties: early, mid and late ripening varieties in temperate climates)

Send an email to ina@imaginecreatively.com with your purchase receipt number to be included in the raffle. Or drop a message by the Imagine Creatively facebook page.

P.S. Eating wild food does something to the spirit too! Mirabelle plum trees – the wild varieties- are frost and disease resistant, grow easily from seed, can be used as edible windbreak and have abundant crops that ripe at different times across many months.

Praise for Mirabelle’s Forest Garden here.

Link to get the book here:  Mirabelle’s Forest Garden (Sustainable Gardening)

Posters from Mirabelle’s Garden:

Here is some inspiration for forest garden dream manifestation. Available in high resolution for A3 Printing upon subscription in the Gifts4U section:

Mirabelle’s forest garden dream from seed to sprout:

  • 4 years of fine tuning since first draft
  • 2 formats: paper back and kindle
  • 1 story dream catcher
  • 1 illustrator-illuminator
  • 1 senior editor with cre8ive energy
  • 2 designers & many layout trials
  • 2 Mirabelle role-players aged 3 and 5
  • >15 extra careful beta readers from 8 countries
  • 10 editorial reviews from permaculture practicioners on 3 continents



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