Opening a door into a story realm that rings true…

I am enthusiastic to share Imagine Creatively as a storytelling for peace platform.

Catching inspiration and turning it into stories to practice for an inspired life has proved a long and slow love flow process. The spiritual pregnancy took many years before and after actually birthing children into the world. And took many heart midwifes. The result is a… quadruplet to start with:o) Check out here to see what is available & forthcoming in 2018.

The stories incorporated feedback from teachers, librarians, peace and conflict specialists, gender equity experts, family therapists, permaculture practicioners and Waldorf educators from many countries. They were read and tested extensively with extended family and friends on different continents, with children in the forest kindergarten project I run and other families in summer camps.

I am immensely grateful for all the support, attention, enthusiasm and care of so many amazing contributors, story testers, magic fairies and book ambassadors. The first step in the 1000 miles journey has been made!

The sprouts are soon out – ready to grow in one year like others in seven, as fairy-tales say.

Stay tuned! Join our story realm to play with meanings and unfolding magic!

First book is out, smelling new:

Mirabelle’s Forest Garden (Sustainable Gardening)

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