"Ina's stories are an excellent tool for parents, teachers and children".  Trudy Brand Jacobsen, Guidance Counsellor, former Principal, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, Canada

"In all of her work, Ina has a gift for using story to examine the many aspects of holistic peacebuilding.  Her children’s books allow the reader to learn, practice, and explore – all at the same time." Kristin Famula, President, National Peace Academy, US

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"Ina Curic is contributing to a new world. In an era of oppression, sexism and militarism she is not analyzing and criticizing the reality but rather creating a positive, wonderfully written and illustrated alternative for children and adults".

Dr. Gal Harmat, UN University for Peace and Kibbutzim College of Education

"In her new storytelling project Ina carries academic knowledge and international work experience to a new field: that of children and parents - with the added brilliant idea that both can benefit from the same stories and the processes around them where most have separated child-rearing and parental training." 

Jan Oberg, Director, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research 

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"Ina's gift for writing combines the enthusiastic heart of a caring mother with the intellectual capacity to communicate complex connections between the health of body and soul. Her stories are entertaining, teaching without lecturing, full of vision and phantasy - simply a pleasure to read for both grown-ups and kids".

Annette Schiffmann, Creator of the travel exhibition "Half of Heaven - 99 Women and You"

Reviews for Mirabelle's Forest Garden

Published November 2017. Get it online here: "Mirabelle's Forest Garden"(Sustainable Gardening).

"Ina Curic’s brilliant tale of how a young girl can take gigantic steps in making the world more environmentally friendly, starting with her own back yard, is one of the most positive I have read to date. Not only does Mirabelle’s Forest Garden tell an interesting and exciting story, but the educational value it provides knows no bounds. Information about beneficial plants, landscapes and the animals which can enjoy the bounty of it all is vast, not only in illustration, but also with extensive information about each. (...) People around the world can easily benefit from this book, which appeals not only to children but to adults alike." Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite Full review here.

A delightful book for the young gardener." Carolyn Nutall, Author, Outdoor Classrooms, Australia

"This inspiring and empowering book will delight and charm children, with a wise story, stunning illustrations and beautiful poetry." Lusi Alderslowe, Children in Permaculture Network

"Mirabelle's Forest Garden is a much needed and beautiful addition to elementary permaculture education - it interweaves educational activities and questions with community building and plant knowledge seamlessly with colorful and engaging artwork and playful but detailed writing. Bravo!"  Matt Powers, author of The Permaculture Student serieswww.thepermaculturestudent.com

" A little girl builds community and sustainability.  Mirabelle pursues her project with spirit and determination, inspiring us all to learn more about plants and perennial gardens. The imagery is beautiful and the story engaging. Well done!”  Karl Treen, Author,  www.FoodForestCardGame.com

Mirabelle's Forest Garden is a fun and engaging story that will keep young readers engaged. The story has a positive way of challenging the status quo of previously boxed in thinking about the segregation of food. Once read, the mind of a young person will be filled with ways of designing and planting food growing systems that both heal people and the planet. Nicholas Burtner, Director of the School of Permaculture, www.schoolofpermaculture.com

“A wonderful engaging book so necessary as a resource for the growing Garden Pedagogy that gives so much hope for the hearts and minds of our future decision makers”. Janet Millington, Outdoor Classrooms Approach to Learning, www.outdoorclassrooms.com.au

Mirabelle’s Forest Garden teaches children to trust their dreams, which is extremely important by itself. The book also presents important concepts in a way that’s easy for children to understand like permaculture, perennial plants, and mushroom growing. “Forest Garden Dreamin’ on such a winter’s day." John Wages, Publisher, Permaculture Design Magazine

"Great conversation starter with children about the importance of community, bio-diversity, asking for help and at the same time following one's dreams." Santiago Miranda, Molinos Verdes de Moringa, Costa Rica

"After reading the story to our seven year old son, he promptly got to work, with pen and paper, designing his own forest garden. He did not stop for the rest of the day and ideas continued to flow many days later…This book contains magic that unleashed his imagination and helped him to enter into our world in a way that is truly contributive in unique in astonishing ways." Robyn Veraart, The Transylvania School of Self Sufficient Living

 "A story that goes beyond trees and plants to community building and caring for others. Heart-fuelled inspiration for how we can address skepticism towards new visions with kindness." Jenn Matchain, The Green Diary, Ireland

Reviews for Anagrania's Challenge

Short description here.

“Anagrania’s Challenge addresses very real challenges in today’s world in a delightful book that will both charm and educate the young reader. This little story is packed full of valuable lessons for both young and old. Brilliant.” 5-Star Review, Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

"Anagrania’s Challenge transforms a common children’s story theme into a lesson on self-love, creative conflict resolution, and wholesome eating.  Through the voice of an empowered heroine, readers of all ages are encouraged to honor their uniqueness and trust their instinct – all while using a challenging situation to create new positive solutions that work for everyone.Kristin Famula, President, US National Peace Academy

"The "grain" analogy used in this story simply and beautifully captures important concepts that are lacking in our world today, namely, appreciating individual diversity and uniqueness, understanding and use of diversity in food choices to enhance our nutrition, and how to peacefully resolve conflicts in diverse populations." Mary Sebert, International Program Nurse Manager, MGH Global Health, Boston

 "As chef and recipe creator I always aim to put together ingredients that are nutritious, an instinct that was formed in my childhood. Anagrania's story can instill in children a strong belief that old variety foods, natural and organic, are richer in vitamins and minerals. This is important to guide their nutritional choices in adulthood. I hope the effect of this story will include children's insistence for parents to look for old grain varieties, einkorn, kamut and spelt, and find recipes to prepare them. Thus, any meal can become a fairytale". Teodora Czentye, Raw-Vegan Chef & Nutrition Educator

“With its metaphors, the story is both simple and complex at once, allowing the reader to narrate a simple story with deep meaning. The three themes of gendered body image stereotypes, creative conflict resolution and whole grain nutrition are weaved together wonderfully. Such good children’s books are so important for our future!”   Brigitt Altwegg, Peace & Conflict Specialist, Switzerland

Reviews for Queen Rain, King Wind - The Practice of Heart Gardening

Short description here.

“Full of lessons for all of us, young and old. The book comes complete with a game to help us all through a journey of appreciation. A very useful and well-presented book.” 5-star review, Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Reader’s Favorite

"Full of gems of information and insight. It attractively engages children to learn about the mysteries of love, and the vital law of unity that makes life, joy, and goodness possible. A must read for children and their parents and all those who love the mysteries of life."  Dr. H.B. Danesh, Founder and President, International Education for Peace Institute, www.efpinternational.org

“A beautiful story. I love how you connect this to information about conflict, appreciation, and crystals.” Diane Ross, Professor of Education, Otterbein University, Ohio; Executive Director, Forum for Youth Advocacy (FOYA) Uganda 

“I love this story, which will allow me to share my personal life-changing experience of practising gratitude with my daugther in a playful way. Hopefully, this story will help many adults and children to be more happy in their life by expressing their appreciation of their loved ones in a concrete way and by starting to appreciate small things with people they struggle with.”  Brigitt Altwegg, Peace & Conflict Specialist, Switzerland